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Thank you for your interest in my election campaign and the well-being of childrens' education.

The most basic question that can be asked of a candidate is – Why should I vote for you? My answer is that I believe the time has come to imagine and create a "new normal" in the St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

For example, imagine a board of education that no longer ascribes to the misconception that “educators know best.” Imagine a board without patronizing lip service regarding the right of parents to be informed and involved in the education of their children. Imagine a school system that views its students through the lens of unbiased equal opportunity rather than the discriminatory/preferential concept of “equity.” Imagine public proceedings without apparent predetermined outcomes. Imagine a school system that teaches children how to learn rather than indoctrinating them in what to think. Imagine children achieving grade-level proficiency in reading and writing (literacy) at the completion of the 3rd Grade.

What parents and students need on the school board is an advocate of their interests, a point-of-contact for their concerns, an opponent of the status quo, and a contrarian to challenge and question the system.

These are the reasons that I ask for your support and why you should vote for me.

Dorothy Andrews

NOTE: Voters of all registrations, including Unaffiliated, can vote in the non-partisan Primary Election for BOE candidates. Please do so by either mail-in ballot, early voting from July 7 through July 14, or on July 19.

Friends of Dorothy Andrews, Elizabeth Pike, Treasurer
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