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In my opinion, the principles of a good public school system and board of education are:
  • Responsible expenditures
  • Sensible policies and regulations
  • Open public meetings and access to public information
  • Meaningful public participation
  • Fidelity to public interests
  • Respect for people and their rights.

As a member of the board of education, I will guide myself by these principles.

So much of what the school administration does is dictated by the state and subject to implementation by the board of education. So, what can I realistically do to make a difference?

I will:

  • question in detail the existing and proposed spending
  • delve into controversial policies, regulations, curricula, and materials
  • become a point-of-contact for parents, students, and teachers to express their concerns
  • conduct no-notice visits to schools to see what is going on
  • make the system answer to parents.

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